Working together to create beautiful, unique handmade pieces.

We've always loved creating special gifts for our family and friends. For years we created beautiful food for special events with our catering company. We realized we wanted to be able to create something that would be lasting, and create traditions for other people. We grew up wearing handmade clothes, sleeping under knitted afghans, wearing knitted sweaters, and using quilts pieced together just for us. We wanted other people to be able to experience this special feeling. Each of us brings our strengths to the shop and also offer support to each other. No creation is a work of just one of us. We shop estate sales, garage sales, and even online some looking for items to use because we believe so strongly in re-cycling, re-using, and re-purposing. My great grandmother never threw out the water in her glass she didn't drink, she put it in a pail and used it to water her garden. My grandmother sewed, knitted, canned, quilted, and saved. In fact her use of old pieces of clothing for rags was the inspiration for the UnPaper Towels, and she would be so proud of all that we do in our shop. Waste not, want not has been a lifestyle for generations in our family and we continue this proud tradition.

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